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Holiday Embroidery Seamless Textures (CU4CU)

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  • Manufactured by: Color Palette Designs

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--Add some holiday fun to your images with this design resource pack that was created to save you both time and extra work.

--You will receive 20 seamless holiday-themed and colored textures/patterns that contain embellishments that look like real embroidery...but are digitally created embroidered looks.

--Included in the mix are holiday trees, reindeer, polar and teddy bears, word art, wreaths, snowflakes, poinsettias, stockings and penguins. There are a few plaids but most are prints, featuring the holiday colors of red, white and green, with a few blue, white and silver added in.

--The textures are .png files that can be used in just about any photograph or art editing software application.

--This designer resource pack was created for those of you who love the look of my layer styles but don't use Photoshop.

--Created at 300dpi, they will work perfectly for either the web or print design. These are great for children's holiday designs, greeting cards or picture frames!

--Use them as pattern fills; font fills...fill shapes, brush layers, embellishments, etc. Anything that you want to add the look of the look of holiday embroidery to!

--In addition to the png seamless patterns you will receive a bonus .pat file that contains all 20 patterns which can be installed into and used in Photoshop 7 and Above and/or Photoshop Elements 7 and Above (optional)

--NEW LARGER SIZE: A few of you have requested that I create larger sized textures (even though all are made seamless) so, theses textures/patterns are still seamless and sized at 1200 pixels x 1200 pixels each. pixels, you can fill any size image (divisible by 1200) by using your pattern fill tool or paint bucket and tapping the overlay inside with one click!  

--MINI-TUT: Make sure your texture is inserted/installed into your patterns bucket or tool. Set it for 100% scale or 50% scale-whatever works best for you! Use your ruler to line things up-and tap a 1200 pixels transparency at the exact middle (height and width) and it will still be seamless. The same applies for any blank image or background that is divisible by 1200: 1200, 1800, 2400, 3600 pixels, etc. Always line up properly with your ruler before clicking the blank background to make sure the texture stays seamless.

Product Contents:
*20 Digitally created holiday embroidery patterns/ tiles. 1200x1200 pixels each; 300dpi; png file format.
*1 .pat file which includes all 20 seamless patterns for use in Photoshop 7 and above and PS Elements 7 and above (all 20 PNG files included inside one .pat file)

--Please remember that most, if not all examples are reduced in size. Since these were created at a high resolution, it's easy to re-size. Just use your 'unsharp mask' tool at low settings for a crisper image.