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"Peace for Ukraine" Seamless Textures (CU4CU)

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  • Manufactured by: Color Palette Designs

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--A lot of time, love and feelings of support went into designing this set of 24 beautiful digitally hand-painted bright blue and yellow seamless textures!
--All images were digitally hand-painted with watercolors and and the two Ukraine flag colors were blended together by myself. Each seamless texture measures 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels each.

--Clicking on the thumbnails will show you swatches of each seamless texture as well as some styled examples of images to give you a closer look at more. Most example images are shown with the textures 50% or less of size.

--Since each texture was created in .png file format, these new bright blue and yellow seamless beauties can be used in any image editing program that accepts/edits .png files!

--Try them as pattern fills for side or top borders, alphas, frames, shapes, clothing, wallpaper, text and brush layers.

--These are perfect for creating all kinds of Peace for Ukraine patterned extras for your 2D renders and 3D characters and are a design resource.

  Package contains:
*24 Assorted and unique Seamless "Peace for Ukraine" Textures/Tiles/Patterns
*Created at 300dpi
*1200 x 1200 pixels each
*PNG file format