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Rusty Grunge PS Layer Styles (CU4CU)

Sale: $3.48
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  • Manufactured by: Color Palette Designs

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--This set of 24 layer styles will give you a fast and easy one-click way to add a rusty grunge look to your images! Add to text, frames, brush layers, shapes, clothing, home/steampunk furnishings, outer walls, sidewalks, tools...just about anything to want to instantly make grungy-looking.

--Along with the Rusty Grunge layer styles you will also receive a free gift with purchase: 12 rusty, grungy seamless overlays! They are all 600x600 pixels and can be layered over larger images too. The whiter areas you see on the product example page will actually be transparent because these were saved as 300dpi/transparent PNG files!

--Use over colored backgrounds and then set your overlays' blend mode to "Screen" "Multiply", "Overlay" or any other blend mode that works best for you. You can then adjust the opacity of the overlay to however you'd like your image to appear.

-- The styles were created and tested for use in Photoshop 7 & Above and PS Elements 7 and Above.

--Each style was created with seamless patterns at 300dpi which makes them suitable for use for either print or digital creations.

--Because the free gift overlays are png files you can use them in just about any image editing software.

--Check out some of the product example pages for some ideas on incorporating your new Rusty Grunge layer styles  and free gift overlays into your new creations!

--And don't forget that you can scale your patterns (inside your styles) up or down or to layer with different/other styled layers/images as I do in some of the examples. There are short text instructions on how to do this included inside your Read me file.

--The styled examples on the product pages are for demonstration purposes only and unless otherwise stated are not included in your purchase. Thanks for looking!

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 03 August, 2021.