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Oceanic Nautical PSCC 2019 PS Brushes & Pngs (CU4CU)

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  • Manufactured by: Color Palette Designs

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-- Ahoy Matey! This high resolution brushes and png files pack is for those of you who love just about anything having to do with the ocean, sealife, pirates, nautical motifs and mermaids! There are many different kinds nautical and pirate scenes included in this set.

--There are lots of nautical and pirate landscape scenes, some pirate and nautical silhouettes, some framed ships and mermaids and even a few underwater landscape scenes.

 --Some of the brushes include everything BUT the mermaid or pirate-so that you can add your own!

--Feel free to mix and match: put two of the underwater landscape scenes together and add a mermaid or sunken pirate treasure! Or whatever else you would like to add to create your own unique nautical scene designs!

--This is a merchant/design resource pack of 50 high resolution Oceanic Nautical Photoshop Brushes (.abr file) and 50 of the identical individual .png files.

--Each of the brush and png images were created at 300dpi. They can be used thousands of different ways!

--The .png files are included for those of you who do not have/use Photoshop or who might own a different version of Photoshop other than CC 2019. You can make your own brushes in ANY version of Photoshop very easily with png files!

--Please click on the thumbnails above to view each brush/image in a greatly reduced size. You will also get more information and see design ideas that might spark your next creative fantasy project!

-- Note: There is also a thumbnail to click on if you'd like to view the exact pixel sizes of each image/brush that you will be receiving. Make sure to check out the sizes...these are large sized brushes-most are over 1,000 pixels.

--Incorporate or add into your commercial/personal projects as a design or merchant resource. These cannot be sold individually or in any pack that is in direct competition with this one.

--Please read my Terms of Use to learn how to safely use these brushes in your designs! It can be downloaded free here