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Moonbeam's "Just Tags" (FS/CU)


  • Manufactured by: Moonbeam

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"Moonbeam's Just Tags" is a design resource containing Tags and Title shields in a variety of hues, shapes and forms. From simple tags with just a ribbon to heavily embellished victorian ornamental tags in varied hues, this huge collection contains tags for special occasions and seasons. In addition to the 22 individual tags provided in png format on transparent backgrounds, there are 5 tags in psd format with the elements on separate layers.

The elements in this package may be used for your commercial and personal purposes as outlined in my TOU, but may not be used "as-is" to create another merchant resource which competes with the original product. Neither the individual tags nor the entire package may be resold, shared or redistributed for free at any website, venue or crafters forum.

Cord Tags
Tag 1.png        (1739 x 4038 px.)
Tag 2.png        (1739 x 4100 px.)

Floral Tags
Tag 1.png        (2724 x 2509 px.)
Tag 2.png        (1758 x 2780 px.)
Tag 3.png        (1876 x 2431 px.)
Tag 4.png        (2016 x 2716 px.)

Stencil Tags
Tag 1.png        (1208 x 3704 px.)
Tag 2.png        (1476 x 3608 px.)
Tag 3.png        (1692 x 3368 px.)

Bonus Background
Background 1.jpg    (2200 x 2200 px.)

Ornate Tags
Tag 1.png        (1728 x 2344 px.)
Tag 2.png        (2408 x 1262 px.)
Tag 3.png        (2828 x 1312 px.)
Tag 4.png        (2016 x 2716 px.)
Tag 5.png        (1619 x 2133 px.)
Tag 6.png        (1602 x 2105 px.)

Ribbon Tags
Tag 1.png        (2064 x 2456 px.)
Tag 2.png        (1400 x 2380 px.)
Tag 3.png        (1718 x 2243 px.)
Tag 4.png        (1540 x 2728 px.)

Simple Tags
Tag 1.png        (1249 x 2375 px.)
Tag 2.png        (2375 x 1249 px.)
Tag 3.png        (1249 x 2500 px.)

PSD Tags
Tag 1.psd        (1575 x 2096 px.)
Tag 2.psd        (811 x 2360 px.)
Tag 3.psd        (1249 x 2375 px.)
Tag 4.psd        (1540 x 2728 px.)
Tag 5.psd        (1718 x 2243 px.)