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"All Things Mermaid" Seamless Textures & PS Patterns (CU4CU)

Sale: $3.90
Save: 35% off

  • Manufactured by: Color Palette Designs

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--An beautiful Mermaid color palette was chosen for this set of 8 seamless textures/tiles/patterns that are not only great for kids but also for all of you "Mermaid Lovers" out there!


--Clicking on the thumbnails will show you smaller but full versions of each seamless texture.

--Since each texture was created in .png file format, these "All Things Mermaid" textures can be used in any image editing program that accepts/edits .png files!

--Try them as pattern fills for side or top borders, alphas, frames, shapes, clothing, wallpaper, text and brush layers.

--Each seamless mermaid texture includes digitally hand-painted images that were used to create a design that is unique and can be used in hundreds of different ways.

--This pack also includes a .pat file of all 8 seamless hand-painted patterns/textures so you can install them directly into your Photoshop pattern folder. (optional)

--These are perfect for creating all kinds of aquatic or mermaid themed scrapbook or digital scrapbook layout pages, as well as web pages. (i.e.: School children field trip day at the Aquarium, family beach visit, fantasy, magic,  etc.)

--These textures were created at 300 dpi and are 1200 x 1200 pixels in dimension-making them take up less room on your storage disc! And since they are seamless and repeating you can line them up with your ruler tool and make them as large as you would like.
Package contains:
*8 Hand-Painted Seamless Mermaid Themed Textures/Tiles/Patterns
*Created at 300dpi
*1200 x 1200 pixels each
*PNG file format
*(1) Mermaid .pat file for Photoshop (contains all 8 seamless patterns to install and load into your Photoshop patterns folder)