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St. Patrick's Day Seamless Overlays & PS Patterns (CU4CU)

Sale: $2.75
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  • Manufactured by: Color Palette Designs

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--Seamless overlays are a great way to make beautiful themed embossed textures and papers!

--With this set you get 12 transparent seamless overlays with an Irish/Celtic/St. Patrick's Day theme-the majority of which are fancy scrolled clovers and shamrocks!

--Each overlay is 600x600pixels; created at 300dpi and are in .png file format so, almost any software editing application will support their usage. There are no shadows on the overlays and they have no background.

--Since each overlay is seamless is was also easy for me to make a .pat with all 12 of the overlays on it for those of you who do use Photoshop so, you will also receive the .pat file with all 12 overlays included.

--Would you like to make an embossed image that is larger than 600 x 600 pixels, but still keep it seamless?
--Just open a blank image in the size you would like. It will have to be 300dpi and the height and width have to be an even number that is divisable by 600. (1200 pixels, 1800 pixels, 2400 pixels, 3,600 pixels, etc.) Load your pattern into your materials palette or fill bucket. You can set it to 100% of size or 50% of size-to fit into whatever you need it for!

--Line your cursor up to the exact middle of your blank image/layer-using your ruler as your guide.

--For example, you start with a blank 300 dpi image set for 1200 pixels x 1200 pixels. Line your cursor up exactly to 600 height and 600 pixels width using your ruler. If your tools are set to pattern fill or bucket fill and your cursor is all lined up exactly then, tap your mouse once so that your cursor hits at those two locations. Voila!! You now have a transparent seamless overlay at 300 dpi that measures 1200 x 1200 pixels which you can emboss, style or fill with other things to make the perfect backgrounds and papers just for you!

--Always work with an overlay copy so you can use your fresh new overlays every year for any Irish celebration or holiday!