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School Layered Templates

Sale: $3.00
Save: 50% off

  • Manufactured by: Scrap & Tubes Designs

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Full sizes (300dpi)

22 layered flat grayscale templates

Formats:  psd & psp

Just add your favorite styles, patterns, textures, colors and/or shading
and you will have unique elements every time ;)

Sample included (png formats/full sizes)

Type of use/license:  CU4CU

* If shadow(s), it is on a different layer(s)

SIZES (pixels)
Bell:  793X2958
Chalkboard:  3260X2271
Apple:  2381X2450
Pencil case:  2940X1549
Bottle:  1588X2867
Desk & chair:  3105X3156
Tablet with stand holder:  3260X2481
Backpack:  2919X2940
Bus:  3260X1984
Ruler:  3156X1853
Push pin:  2112X2115
Binder clip:  2194X2357
Highlighter:  1467X2531
Glue:  1654X2533
Note books:  3260X1486
Eraser:  2531X1177
Scissor:  2739X2622
Pencil:  1834X2531
Sharpener:  2323X1761
Calculator:  2382X2741
Torn paper with tape:  2531X1359
Paper plane:  2322X1886