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Natalia NZ - Terms of Use

It's Free!

  • Manufactured by: Natalia NZ

Please Choose:


The right to use 3d work.

If selling your finished product on-line credit must be given as: Natalia NZ

  1. Use my tubes (private & commercial): creating calendars, greeting cards, installation, collage, Digital Art, Web Design...
  2. Use as part of scrap kits (personal and commercial) on the following terms:
   - No more than one set of tubes in
   - The size of the tube can not exceed 1500 pix on the larger side
   - An indication of my authorship in a text document
   - Allowed to change the color and size tubes.

  1. The sale of my work online stores
  2. Uploading file sharing and dissemination of links
  3. Publication on news sites, any other resources, portals, albums, personal pages, blogs ...
  4. The use of images for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or any other purpose that is prohibited by law.


- You MAY use them for your personal and commercial artwork, collages, photomanipulations, as photography backdrops (to enhance a persons portrait), in scrapbooking, in tags, websites, greeting cards, postcards, etc.

- You MAY make and sell prints of your artworks.

- You MAY use backgrounds in scrapbook kits. But not more than 3 backgrounds in one set!

- For your personal usage you MAY print them as they are.

- You MAY NOT use the backgrounds in whole or as cropped/cut out elements to create competitive backgrounds.

- The images MAY NOT be shared separately or included in another resource pack (as they are) for sale or  for free.

- You MAY NOT sell the images in a printed form as they are.

This is not a merchant resource.You cannot print these out for use as physical backgounds.

Thank you for choosing and buying my work!

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 01 August, 2021.