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Lovely Laces & Stitching PS Layer Styles Mega Pack (CU4CU)

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  • Manufactured by: Color Palette Designs

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-- A Set of 54 Lace & Stitching Styles for Photoshop 7 & Above and PS Elements 7 & Above and Photoshop CC 2019

--Did you say "over 50 "one-click" wonderful ways to apply laces and embroidery or cutwork and stitching to your Photoshop layers?"

--Yep, you read that right... because the lace and stitching layer styles are finally finished! I have been working hard on these for quite some time to try and get them just right. I stuck with the basics: whites, blacks, a few creams and reds. Some laces have sheer coverage and others are full coverage-they are clearly marked for you on your styles palette but also on the product example pages to see before you buy.

--In the past, I have looked everywhere for lace layer styles and I think these will fill a nice big hole in the market-where I could hardly find any.

--But wait! You also get embroidery, cutwork and other types of stitching to make your laces and embroidery designs pop-right-up off the page. There are a few sheer tulles/nettings/meshes which are designed to be used as sheer, lacey backgrounds for your own embroidered elements. The package also contains both white and black linen textured styles and some tonal tapestry designs.

--All were created with seamless patterns that were designed at 300dpi so, don't forget that you can rescale your styles to meet your own print or web design needs. Once again, I kept the textures and patterns at 600pixels to cover that 'middle of the road' size that most people use-so scale up or down accordingly.

~~Package Contents~~

~54 White, Ecru, Red & Black Lace & Stitching Layer Styles~

--300dpi make this pack print and web friendly
--A Commercial-Use Designer Resource (Please read TOU for more details)

--The best advice that I can give on using this product is as follows: Some of the styles will make new seamless laces for you; while others only add the stitching or texture aspect to the layer. So, it will very much depend on what you are creating as to how and which styles you will want to focus on. I gave you a huge variety to choose from! And the more you work with this set-the better you will become at judging which style works best for what type of layer. Apply them to elements, borders, corners, monograms, frames, alphas, tags, etc. Layer different styles on top of each other for sheer or full coverage looks. Put one layer of sheer lace over another fabric like velvet or velour.

--Designers' Tip: Start with a 600 x 600 blank at 300dpi. Fill with white and apply one of the linen styles to it as a base. {If you want your tile to be sheer, then skip this first layer} Add a new layer and fill with white. Apply one of the sheer tulle styles to that layer. For the third (top) layer you could plop a pre-designed lace element at the exact middle of the blank in a matching or contrasting color. (it should be about 550 pixels and no larger)--Make sure all 3 layers are centered in page and merge them together. Run through your favorite seamless tile filter (using the corner method) and voila: you have cutwork or Battenburg lace in a seamless tile that you can use for just about anything!

*Special Thanks to Joanne's Digital Designs for the Preview Page Background Template*

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