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Moonbeam's "Champagne Roses" (FS/CU)


  • Manufactured by: Moonbeam

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Moonbeam's "Champagne Roses" is an original digitally painted Champagne colored rose design resource. Presented in a dreamy color palette of pinks, blues and greens, this package is complete with matching small flowers and ornate Victorian frames.

In this collection I've included a selection of pre-made backgrounds, quickpages, embellished & unembellished tags, shields, vignettes and co-ordinating papers.

This package does not contain any standalone butterflies, however, butterflies from 'Moonbeam's Porcelain Roses and Moonbeam's Fleur de la foret' can be profitably used with this pack. The elements in the package can only be used to create derivative designs for commercial and personal projects, as outlined in my TOU, but may not be used to create another merchant resource which competes with the original product.

Background 1.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 2.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 2_unembellished.png    (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 3.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 4.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 5.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 6.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)

Paper 1.png            (2500 x 2500 px.)
Paper 2.png            (2500 x 2500 px.)
Paper 3.png            (2500 x 2500 px.)
Paper 4.png            (2500 x 2500 px.)

Quickpage 1.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Quickpage 2.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)

Tag 1_embellished.png        (1884 x 2296 px.)
Tag 1_unembellished.png    (1270 x 1990 px.)
Tag 2_embellished.png        (1805 x 2396 px.)
Tag 2_unembellished.png    (1636 x 2125 px.)
Tag 3_embellished.png        (1969 x 2281 px.)

Vignette 1.png        (1882 x 1793 px.)
Vignette 2.png        (1801 x 1465 px.)
Vignette 3.png        (1598 x 1926 px.)

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 30 July, 2021.