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Moonbeam's "Framed" (FS/CU)


  • Manufactured by: Moonbeam

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Moonbeam's 'Framed' is a package designed with rare and unique frames! This package is primarily designed with ornate Victorian frames and tags, embellished with a humming bee and a whispering butterfly.

The product comes with a selection of pre-made backgrounds and quickpages, matching papers, tags, individual elements and sandalone frames. Possibilities are infinite with this product. Everything included in this package is saved in .png format and saved at 300 dpi.

None of the elements provided in this collection can be re-packaged "as-is" as elements in any commercial scrapbooking kits. The vignettes provided in this package are for personal use only but can be used to design commercial products if incorporated as a part of a derivative design and cannot be extracted from the derivative work. The elements from this package can only be used to create “derivative designs” for commercial and personal projects, as outlined in my TOU, but may not be used to create another merchant resource which competes with the original product.

Background 1.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 2.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 3.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 4.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 5.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)

Candle holder.png     (844 x 3184 px.)
Ornament.png          (832 x 1342 px.)
Urn.png                   (922 x 1597 px.)

Frame 1.png            (2197 x 1633 px.)
Frame 2.png            (2137 x 1987 px.)
Frame 3.png            (1126 x 1975 px.)

Paper 1.png            (2500 x 2500 px.)
Paper 2.png            (2500 x 2500 px.)

Quickpage 1.png                  (2500 x 2500 px.)
Quickpage 1_alternate.png    (2500 x 2500 px.)
Quickpage 2.png                  (2500 x 2500 px.)
Quickpage 2_alternate.png    (2500 x 2500 px.)

Tag 1.png            (2239 x 1642 px.)
Tag 2.png            (1636 x 1936 px.)

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 30 July, 2021.