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Moonbeam's "Jubilation" (FS/CU)


  • Manufactured by: Moonbeam

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Moonbeam's 'Jubilation' draws inspiration from the ornate leaf designs from the Victorian era. Digitally painted Victorian frames and shields are further embellished with artistic design elements making this product one-of-a-kind and unique.

The complete package is provided in a modular format with each design group containing embellished and unembellished shield, unembellished frame and a complete composition. I believe this provides a huge scope and design versatility where you can easily re-hue the basic elements, add in your own embellishments and create your own unique designs. I bet, possibilities are infinite with this product.

Everything included in this package is saved in .png format and saved at 300 dpi. This product also contains two pre-made cardfaces that are restricted to PU only. The elements in the package can only be used to create derivative designs for commercial and personal projects, as outlined in my TOU, but may not be used to create another merchant resource which competes with the original product.

Cardface 1_PU.png        (1812 x 2500 px.)
Cardface 2_PU.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)

Background 1.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 2.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 3.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 4.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)

Frame 1.png            (1572 x 2144 px.)

Embellished Shields
Shield 1.png            (1700 x 2045 px.)
Shield 2.png            (1963 x 2209 px.)
Shield 3.png            (1756 x 2416 px.)
Shield 4.png            (1709 x 2327 px.)
Shield 5.png            (1584 x 2164 px.)
Shield 5_ribbon.png  (1560 x 2800 px.)

Unembellished Frames
Frame 1.png            (1691 x 1685 px.)
Frame 2.png            (1780 x 1765 px.)
Frame 3.png            (1395 x 2007 px.)
Frame 4.png            (1589 x 2330 px.)

Unembellished Shields
Shield 1.png            (1704 x 1696 px.)
Shield 2.png            (1780 x 1768 px.)
Shield 3.png            (1392 x 2007 px.)
Shield 4.png            (1586 x 2312 px.)

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 30 July, 2021.