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The mission of the store is to providing you the best and high quality digital scrapbooking products so that you can create amazing crafting projets!

As the products in the store are digital downloadable items, you will NOT receive any physical products.


🇺🇦 Hope for KANDI DESIGNS 🇺🇦

LAST MONTH for this Fundraising

UPDATE (May 15th, 2022)

One of our designers "Kandi Designs" had to leave her country with these children because of the war. As she still cannot return to Ukraine to find her husband & her house due to a hypersonic missile strike launched by Putin a few days ago on the city of Odesa (where she comes from), I ask you one last times for your precious help.

As this is the last month of our fundraiser, I have decided that I will personally donate the same amount of the total sales that will have been made in May for her & her family.

So, if you haven't yet bought one of the 3 products offered exclusively for this fundraiser, don't wait please.


Thanks in advance for your support :)

ZaZa / owner of The Digital ScrapBook Shop



"Giveaway! $10 Gift Certificate"

The winner for the month of April 2022 is

★★★ SHARON MURRAY ~ order 2133 ★★★