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Join our Team


The store is looking for designers / artists who are active, serious, super creative, who stand out from the box, who pay great attention to the quality/presentation of their products and who would like to join a dynamic and well established store to increase their visibility and sales.

If you think your products don't look like the ones already in our store and you're not just repacking items you've purchased, then maybe you're the one that we are looking for!
Places available are for taggers (TS) and full-size (FS) designers.


What we offer you

- 82% commission,
- your own private area under "Zen Cart" store management system,
- a well-established customer base since 2012,
- our own server to house your files,
- a great and stress-free environment,
- a newsletter service once a week,
- a group of super talented senior designers already in place.

What we are looking for

- serious and active people,
- who are capable of originality and creativity,
- who create and offer quality,
- for whom meticulousness is important,
- who pay great attention to the presentation of their products,
- which offer products different from those already in store at TDSS.

What we don't want

- no nudity/adult content, super sexy women (no huge boobs that overflow the product itself ), weapons or violence of any kind.

What we expect from you as a designer at TDSS

- You must be an ACTIVE designer and add products into the store ON A REGULAR BASIS.

- Two (2) annual exclusive contributions are mandatory (store collaboration). One for the iNSD (inter National Scrapbooking Day), which is in the month of May, and one for the DSD (Digital Scrapbooking Day), which is in October.

- Give one (1) annual exclusive free gift (free with a purchase only).

- ALL items should be family friendly, tasteful and cute (no nudity/adult content, no huge boobs that overflow the product itself, no super sexy items, weapon or violence of any kind). Everything must remain in good taste for all our costumers.


To Apply

To apply, send us an email ([email protected]) with a short description of yourself, the type of products you are creating, where you are currently selling and link(s) where we can see your works. Don't forget to tell us your designer name ;)


*** The owner of the store has been in business since 2012 on the net with her first store (Scrap and Tubes Store) that recently migrated to this one. So, many years of loyal service to the costumers, but also to the designers for whom she pay particular attention.