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Birthstone Bling!: JULY-RUBY FULL Birthstone Kit (CU4CU)

Sale: $6.60
Save: 45% off

  • Manufactured by: Color Palette Designs

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--Now you can celebrate and accentuate your commercial-use creative designs with this lovely birthstone resource package!  

--Over 50 different resources are provided for you. This will be a tool that you will want to include in your graphics arsenal for creating sparkling and stunning "bejeweled" digital images that are also suitable for print designs.

--The result? Beautiful JULY~RUBY~CANCER birthstone greeting cards, scrapbook layouts, coffee mugs, web pages, invitations, ornate signature tags & calendars, etc.  

--Please take a look at the product preview pages to get a better idea of what you will be getting and also what this package might inspire you to design!

--This kit is exclusive to The Digital Scrapbook Shop!


Birthstone Bling Package Contents:

12) Jeweled Gold and Ruby Borders and Headers
[Largest 2500 pixels/smallest 750 pixels]

20) Unique Ruby Gold and Silver Birthstone Jewels and Gems
(average size per gem: 700 pixels)
[largest: 1,200 pixels/smallest: 350 pixels]

12) Jeweled Seamless Birthstone Textures
(600x600 pixels each)
3) Jeweled Seamless Birthstone Textures
(1200x1200 pixels)

3) Seamless Transparent Birthstone Overlays [Black]
1) Seamless JEWELED Transparent Birthday Overlays
[all are 1200 x 1200 pixels each]

1) Gold & Ruby Fancy Picture Frame
(1800x1800 pixels)

1) Jeweled Gold & Ruby Wallpaper Background
(2400x1800 pixels)

That’s over 50 coordinated birthstone themed

and original commercial-use design resources!

Use for scrapbooking layouts, cards, webpages, mugs,

product pages, signature tags, character jewelry,

adornments, holiday ornaments and more! Please refer

to Readme file for Terms of Use.

*All are .png files  

*All items are greatly reduced for display purposes

*All were created at 300dpi