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Birthstone Bling: JUNE-PEARLS FULL Birthstone Kit (CU4CU)

Sale: $7.80
Save: 35% off

  • Manufactured by: Color Palette Designs

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--Celebrate and accentuate your  personal and commercial-use creative designs with this lovely June-Pearls Birthstone resource package! This will be a tool you will want to include in your digi-paint arsenal for creating shiny and stunning gold and pearly adorned digital images that are also suitable for print designs. You will receive everything you need to be your creative self while coordinating within the birthstone/astrology theme.

--The result will be beautifully jeweled June birthstone greeting cards, scrapbook layouts, coffee mugs, web pages, invitations, ornate signature tags & calendars, etc.

--Please take a look at the product preview pages to get a better idea of what you will be getting and also what this package might inspire you to design on your own!

--Please see product details listed below for exact measurements on everything you will receive in this design resource package! Not all that is included in the package is shown on the product pages and all examples on product pages have been greatly reduced. All files are .png files for use in any graphics editing program.

Details of Pearl/JUNE FULL Birthstone Package Contents and Sizes:

Borders and Headers:
11) Borders, Headers and Dividers
(Size Range 600 pixels-2700 pixels)
(average size: 1800 pixels)

Jewels and Gems:
19) Gems and Jewels (various sizes)
(Average size: 800pixels)

SEAMLESS Overlays-Gemini:
600x600 Overlays = 2
1200x1200 Overlays = 2
1200x1200 Jeweled Overlay =1

SEAMLESS Textures:
600x600 Textures = 12
1200x1200 Textures = 4

Wallpaper and Picture Frame:
1) JUNE Jeweled Wallpaper = 2400 x 1800 pixels
1) Pearl and Gold Picture Frame = 1800 x 1800 pixels

*All are .png files

*All items included may not be pictured and are greatly reduced

*All were created at 300 dpi by Roberta Dugan

*Over 50! unique design resources for scrapbooking, cards, webpages, etc.

*This birthstone kit is EXCLUSIVE to the Digital Scrapbook Shop!